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The story of Formula One is told, in part, by the numbers, which mask the human side of the sport but reveal the true greatness of those few teams, and even fewer drivers, who reached the pinnacle and stayed there.

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Red Bull RB10
Most statistics though 2013 season.
2014 World Championship Standings
Drivers Championship Constructors Championship
Pos. Driver Points Pos. Team Points
1 Lewis Hamilton 384 1 Mercedes 701
2 Nico Rosberg 317 2 Red Bull 405
3 Daniel Ricciardo 238 3 Williams 320
4 Valtteri Bottas 186 4 Ferrari 216
5 Sebastian Vettel 167 5 McLaren 181
6 Fernando Alonso 161 6 Force India 155
Red Bull 2013 F1 World Driving Champions updated
Only 33 men have won the Formula One World Championship in the 65 seasons since the modern era began in 1950, while nine — Schumacher, Fangio, Prost, Brabham, Stewart, Lauda, Piquet, Senna and Vettel — have topped the season leader board three or more times, making the F1 driving crown the most elusive title in the world.
Red Bull 2013 Career Driving Championships
The best of the best are on this list. But how many more championships could Aryton Senna have won had he not hit the wall at San Marino in 1994, or Jim Clark if he had not died in the trees at Hockenheim in 1968? The answers to these imponderables will perplex F1 enthusiasts forever.
Red Bull 2013 Grand Prix Wins
The top rung on the podium — and the Mumm — belongs to the driver who crosses the finish line first. Some never do, while others have made the winner’s circle their home time and again.
Red Bull 2013 Grand Prix Pole Positions
Qualifying is an art unto itself in Formula One, with the very best — like Senna, Schumacher, Clark and Vettel — mastering the ability to turn in a hot lap at the precise moment when track and car conditions are optimal. In the past few decades, as chicanes and tighter circuits have made overtaking increasingly difficult and as “knock out” qualifying rounds were introduced to F1, the importance of pole position has correspondingly been heightened.
Red Bull 2013 All-Time F1 Records
These are the F1 statistics that are not covered in race recaps and season wins/points standings. Some are the product of skill and dominance and others of perseverance and luck — the stuff of which F1 racing is made.
Red Bull 2013 Top 15 All-Time Drivers
Comparing Formula One drivers across eras is inherently difficult; the longer schedules, vastly improved reliability and frequently changed points systems of the past 25 seasons compound the unreliability of absolute numbers. These statistics attempt to give a “relative” view of the top fifteen F1 pilots of all time, and offer a few revealing surprises.
Red Bull 2013 U.S. Grand Prix Winners updated
With a long and colorful history (1959-91, 2000-07, 2012-present), the United States Grand Prix has been won by some of the legendary names in Formula One, from Bruce McLaren to Ayrton Senna to Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton. As the USGP at last returned to Austin in 2012, American F1 enthusiasts once again have a chance to see their favorite GP drivers in person after another lengthy absence.


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