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“1” — The F1 Documentary

Monza 1978

It’s called simply 1 and looks like it just may be the best movie about the history of Formula One ever. U.S. premiere in October, shortly after the opening of Ron Howard’s Rush. And it is!

Speaking to more F1 personalities than have ever been put in one film together, from John Surtees, Jackie Stewart and Jacky Ickx to Sebastian Vettel, Max Mosley and Martin Brundle, and produced by an award-winning crew of documentary makers, 1 focuses on the sport’s safety and how it has moved on from the deadly game of the sixties and seventies to a far safer endeavor today.

F1 documentary trailer hits iTunes, onDemand hard on heels of Rush | Autoblog.

Courtesy of MostMovies via YouTube.

The local Austin, Texas interview of the film’s director at a private screening before the inaugural USGP at Austin in 2012 is also surprisingly revealing.

Check out the film on iTunes:

Cover Art


Paul Crowder


Released: 2013



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  1. […] another documentary about Formula One, this time filmed by legendary director Polanski in 1970 at Monaco. Now restored, […]

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