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6 Most Wins But No Title

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Stirling Moss earned the dubious accolade of the greatest F1 driver never to win a World Championship. But he’s hardly alone in taking the checkered flag lots of times without a crowning title.

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Mercedes W05
Six Most Victories Without A Championship
Rank Driver Career Wins
1 flagStirling Moss 1951-61 16
2 flagDavid Coulthard 1994-2008 13
3 flagCarlos Reutemann 1972-82 12
4 flagFelipe Massa 2002-present 11
5 flagRubens Barrichello 1993-2011 11
T6 flagRonnie Peterson 1970-78 10
T6 flagGerhard Berger 1984-97 10
This Top Sixes list might be called the “almost men.” It includes four generations of #2 drivers and a whole bunch of pilots who finished second in the title race — often by a few or single point. Was it worse for Moss in 1958 or Massa in 2008? You decide.







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