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6 Youngest F1 Drivers

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There’s a youth movement underway in today’s Formula One, but the historic title of F1’s youngest Grand Prix drivers includes several from the annals as well.

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Mercedes W05
Six Youngest Grand Prix Drivers
Rank Driver Season-Race Age
1 flagJaime Alguersuari 2009-Hungary 19Yr, 125Dy
2 flagMike Thackwell 1980-Canada 19Yr, 179Dy
3 flagRicardo Rodriguez 1961-Italy 19Yr, 207Dy
4 flagFernando Alonso 2001-Australia 19Yr, 213Dy
5 flagEsteban Tuero 1998-Australia 19Yr, 314Dy
6 (tie) flagChris Amon 1963-Belgium 19Yr, 320Dy
6 (tie) flagDaniil Kvyat 2014-Australia 19Yr, 320Dy
Where driving talent is concerned, these days it can burgeon at an indecently young age through the highly competitive ranks of karting. Despite this, three of the six youngest drivers to start a Formula One GP raced their first 30 or more years ago. Sometimes these starts are inauspicious, at best. Thackwell collided with his teammate in 1980 and retired at the first corner. Alguersuari qualified dead last and finished just one place above the DNFs, having passed his Toro Rosso teammate. Alonso, on the other hand, qualified 19th and finished 12th for Minardi — although he was next-to-last on the track, ahead only of Giancarlo Fisichella’s Renault. Others, like Sebastian Vettel (No. 7 all time), fared a tad  better (Q7, P8 for Sauber).








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