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  1. mark murphy
    October 13, 2014

    You correct that’s what’s made F1 the top racing division. I’ve loved watching formula one since 95-96 and yes I think its went through some considerable changes over the years. Senna Schumacher era’s are gone Bernie Ecclstone promising not to take F1 from us but sold the rights. BBC and sky with the latter ruling. The biggest safety hazard in formula one at present is Ecclstone , the man has to much say and influence in the sport you know the crimbo who paid over £60 million or so to keep him self out of doing a lengthy stretch in prison on bribery charges. He doesn’t see it as the Mexican GP , mega bucks is all he sees and when it don’t pay him enough he’ll dump it like he has the Indian GP and the mega Istanbul GP circuit. The tragedy in Japan , well what can one expect when these cars drive around with upto 30% less downforce just like at the front of the grid Jules pushed because that’s what a f1 driver does aided by fly by wire braking poor downforce coupled mega torque all played their role in the incident

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