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Austin Is Ready!

This author never thought that the audaciously named Circuit Of the Americas would ever make it to the starting grid. He was wrong, and gladly so. It is wonderful for have Formula One back in the United States with a new home for the USGP!

Circuit Of the Americas

For almost two years, the project has bumped and lurched through doubts and delays. On at least two occasions, organizers say, the project was a heartbeat away from failure. Even last week, race workers were still scrambling around the massive site to complete a critical access road and finish fan amenities. And yet against all challenges and odds, the track has been built, and both the design and workmanship have been drawing raves.

The story of how circuit developers overcame obstacle after obstacle is improbable, dramatic and sometimes contentious. The two main players, Bobby Epstein and Tavo Hellmund, are no longer partners, and they don’t agree on much of anything. The one thing on which they do concur is that they have created something special for their hometown.

Against all odds, F1 track has been built, ready to host race |

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One Response to “Austin Is Ready!”

  1. Jamie Salcedo says:

    God that track looks great! I’d love to use for all sorts of races, though, like normal sports cars, heck even a fiat 500 used for sale!

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