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Nico Rosberg Cruises to Maiden F1 Win in China

Chinese GP 2012

Few expected Mercedes GP drivers Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher to maintain their qualifying advantage — supplemented by the stil-controversial blown DRS that provides far less of a difference during races — for the duration of the Chinese Grand Prix. Yet Rosberg seized the lead at the start and was never threatened thereafter. He went on to take a comfortable victory, 20.6s clear of the McLarens. It was Rosberg’s first Formula One success after more than 100 appearances and the first for a Mercedes-Benz chassis since legendary Juan Manuel Fangio won the 1955 Italian GP at Monza.

It was a remarkable race. No time to write about it today, so I hope everyone watched live or has a replay set to record.

Nico Rosberg cruises to maiden F1 win in Chinese Grand Prix | Sport |

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  1. […] Stewart did in his entire Formula One career.  Nico Rosberg, still a relatively young driver, won his first GP in 2012 after 100 races. more than Stewart himself. Remember when the championship required drivers […]

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