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Curva Grande Bravery


Sebastian Vettel’s brilliant pass of Fernando Alonso on the outside of the Curva Grande during the 2011 Italian Grand Prix at Monza. (Updated 15 Sept. 2012 to replace deleted YouTube video.)


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3 Responses to “Curva Grande Bravery”

  1. […] of the tarmac at the exit. Perhaps less well-known today in light of Sebastian Vettel’s brilliant outside pass of Fernando Alonso at the Curva Grande in 2011 — misnamed now, as in modern F1 it is barely a […]

  2. […] putting in both staggering opening laps coupled with balls-out, brave overtaking maneuvers like his outside pass at Monza’s Curva Grande against Alonso and his impressive move on Rosberg at Spa, overtaking the Mercedes around the outside of […]

  3. […] personally think Sebastian Vettel’s brilliant pass of Alonso on the outside of the Curva Grande during the 2011 Italian Grand Prix at Monza tops the list.)  Video highlights of Webber verses […]

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