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Who Is the Best F1 Driver Of All Time?


You can debate this topic until the cows come home, with no resolution. We try a bit with our Top 15 All-Time Drivers statistical comparison, but the longer schedules and frequently changed points systems of the past 25 seasons compound the unreliability of absolute numbers.

Here’s a nice video piece from CNN Sports that illustrates the challenge.


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One Response to “Who Is the Best F1 Driver Of All Time?”

  1. Soy fanático de la F1 desde niño, los 5 pilotos grandes son: 1º Juan Manuel Fangio, el “maestro”, pensar que llego viejo a la F1, no vimos sus mejores años, Nurbring 1957 la obra maestra de la F1, 2º Ayrtón Senna, el talento de querer ganar siempre, “el mito”, 3º Jim Clark, “el velocista”, 4º Micheael Schumacher, el que más titulos gano de F1, 5º Jackie Stewart, 6º Alain Prost, el “profesor”, 7º Alberto Ascarí, 8º Niki Lauda, 9º Nelson Piquet, 10º Jack Brabhan, 11º Fernando Alonso, 12 Sebastián Vettel

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