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The Killer Years

Monza 1961

Von Trips — 1961 Italian GP

An appropriately named, four-part documentary by the BBC on the 1960s and early 1970s in Grand Prix racing. Watching this will enlighten newer Formula One fans why F1A&G’s compilation of the Six Best F1 Crashes starts with one essential criterion — that the driver walked away (relatively) unharmed — a result all too infrequent in the  tragic early decades of F1.

Grand Prix – The Killer Years Part 1 | YouTube.

[Note: Unfortunately, YouTube has taken down the series — not uploaded by FA&G — based on a (legitimate) copyright complaint by the producers. That's a shame for American F1 fans who are not able to watch such BBC4 productions online with its iPlayer. There's another version available here, for how long is unknown. As far as we can tell, there is no DVD version for sale yet.]


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  1. [...] That’s why the BBC has called the 1960s The Killer Years. [...]

  2. [...] That’s why the BBC has called the 1960s The Killer Years. [...]

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